Pre Sale ICO

A Pre-ICO–also called an ICO presale–is an event that occurs before a token or coin is made available for a crowdsale to all investors.  Although the token or coin is also made available for sale in a Pre-ICO, the Pre-ICO is a uniquely different event from the public crowdsale, and its success can sometimes mark the glory or bust of a token.

Why Have a Pre-ICO?

Most of us know that an ICO is the culmination of an idea and a one-shot chance for a dedicated team to bring their idea to life.  However, in order to make that great idea or that ground-breaking concept a reality, it takes not only time, dedication and know-how, but it also takes money.  Around 60% of the cost of a blockchain ICO goes towards a marketing budget, and that budget to make the ICO a success has to come from somewhere.

Most often this makes a Pre-ICO listing a necessity for the team to find an angel investor or a group of investors who believe in the project and are willing to back the venture by putting a large chunk of their investment to carry the project to a spectacular and successful launch.

A Pre-ICO provides the team of an ICO an opportunity to raise much-needed funding for their blockchain project.  A Pre-ICO or an ICO presale is also a pivotal event to increase awareness of the project, show confidence in the team leading the effort, and most essentially create a pre-sale buzz about an exciting development of technology and a golden opportunity to invest.

Although having that initial funding is critical to the launching of a token or coin in an economic sense, creating the buzz about the coin or the idea is also pivotal.  The funds raised via a Pre-ICO are also often used for either creating a basic infrastructure or at least creating a viable proof of concept to show that the idea, as proposed, is a viable one.

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Pre-ICO List:

For the convenience of investors on this site, we have provided a Pre-ICO list of investing opportunity with all the best performing Pre-ICO Blockchain tokens on our site.  These Pre-ICO crypto tokens provide the best investment opportunities for investors among all the pre-ICO for sale tokens listed on this site.

Benefits of Investing in a Pre-ICO:

  1. Buyers of a token from Pre-ICO list stand to make even greater profits than investors investing in an ICO.
  2. You get to purchase the token at a greatly discounted price before the normal investor gets to purchase their token from a Pre-ICO list on this page.
  3. Since a Pre-ICO tokens for sale are geared towards early adopters of a concept or technology, you get a front seat and premium investing rights in up-and-coming concepts and technologies that have not yet hit the mainstream. An important milestone in blockchain is the pre-ICO, and new technology has turned early adopters into big players in both business and technology.
  4. Because a Pre-ICO token is geared to attract serious and large investors, it presents a more realistic and unvarnished vision of an idea or technology before the glitz and the glamour of marketing is added to the mix before ICO sale.
  5. Most importantly, the early adopters of a Pre-ICO crypto token have an opportunity to either make a quick buck and sell the Pre-ICO token once the ICO occurs, or hold on to it as a long-term investment.

As you can see, Pre-ICO crypto tokens are all the rage in the crypto investment world today.  It is because of the aforementioned benefits that we have listed above.  We have made a list of the most promising opportunities to invest via our pre-ICO for sale list on this page to make it easy for you to invest with confidence.